Wednesday, 27 September 2023

In Agriculture

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, early settlers who decided to settle in the lands of Israel faced a huge challenge: how to farm in conditions of sweltering heat and minimal rainfall.  The land was catastrophically barren, but the desire to make this area livable was much stronger. Thus, ways to develop agriculture without water and fertile soil have been found!

The Women’s Farming Syndicate (WFS), founded in 2011, is an agribusiness community with a diverse membership from professionals to grass roots; a business constituency that has grown to over 5,000 women entrepreneurs across the country with key projects and programmes that include the Annual Women’s Showcase Market, the Weekly SMEs Market, and an eCommerce platform.

One man’s meat is another men’s poison. This phrase came so close to its literal meaning in the donkey business recently established in Africa. While many are grossed out by just the thought of eating donkey meat, some consider it a delicacy. This phenomenon only started gaining popularity in Africa during the advent of Chinese in Africa in the last half a decade.

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