Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Moakanyi Magazine | The Business Owners' Magazine | Botswana

Moakanyi Magazine is an insightful magazine for business owners in Botswana, that publishes thoughtful editorials, cutting-edge topics and futuristic content for progress and profitability of stakeholders.

Botswana, one of the most stable financial markets in the world, packed with natural resources of the future, is undergoing revitalisation of the economy, to enable a more level playing ground for local business owners, at the same time attractive for foreign investors. Moakanyi Magazine exists to chronicle these developments, and foster more, for the growth of the Batswana economy, and Africa.

Moakanyi Magazine is published by Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd, a multinational online media company based in Cape Town, South Africa, with several media investments in eight African countries.

Mokoanyi Magazine article sections include Business, Agriculture, Industry, Finance, Governance, Technology, Property and Leisure, with an average of three sub-sections each. Moakanyi Magazine's is guided by the Group's Editorial Policy, that is centred on progressive thinking in business and economics.

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Cabanga Media Group publishes of thoughtful economic and business commentary magazines and online media, in several African markets, that include South Africa, Botswana, East Africa Community, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Zambia.